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Belinda ref sheet by Pizzaatv by PizzaaTv Belinda ref sheet by Pizzaatv :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 1 0 Color kittys adoptables CLOSED [4/4] by PizzaaTv Color kittys adoptables CLOSED [4/4] :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 6 10 Closed species adoptable: Pink lemmonade Giraffe. by PizzaaTv Closed species adoptable: Pink lemmonade Giraffe. :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 3 5 Snowy Seal Contest: Entry2 by PizzaaTv Snowy Seal Contest: Entry2 :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 1 1 Snowy Seal Contest: Entry1 by PizzaaTv Snowy Seal Contest: Entry1 :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 5 5 Adoptable Cotton Candy Sheep (Closed) by PizzaaTv Adoptable Cotton Candy Sheep (Closed) :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 5 3 Adoptable: River beach(Closed) by PizzaaTv Adoptable: River beach(Closed) :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 6 5 Adoptable: White wolf( CLOSED ) by PizzaaTv Adoptable: White wolf( CLOSED ) :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 2 3 The beautiful lady by PizzaaTv The beautiful lady :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 2 0 Old Cartoons Style by PizzaaTv Old Cartoons Style :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 1 0 Bad Joke:mini comic by PizzaaTv Bad Joke:mini comic :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 1 0 Crush The Crush by Pizzaa Tv~ by PizzaaTv Crush The Crush by Pizzaa Tv~ :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 1 3 Pizzas Headshot by PizzaaTv Pizzas Headshot :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 2 0 Training by PizzaaTv Training :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 0 0 Clara The Deer by PizzaaTv Clara The Deer :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 3 5 Wolf in Sheep's Chothing by PizzaaTv Wolf in Sheep's Chothing :iconpizzaatv:PizzaaTv 4 0


Wild roses by D-Dyee Wild roses :icond-dyee:D-Dyee 64 3 OC : Martina by D-Dyee OC : Martina :icond-dyee:D-Dyee 230 17 Australian Trash Bird by LiLaiRa Australian Trash Bird :iconlilaira:LiLaiRa 362 56 .C I F A E L. by bigbun .C I F A E L. :iconbigbun:bigbun 156 0 Weird ship [Daybreaker x Demon Sunset] by TheRoyalArtOfNA Weird ship [Daybreaker x Demon Sunset] :icontheroyalartofna:TheRoyalArtOfNA 60 7 Lapissed Off by ALittleTrashIsHere Lapissed Off :iconalittletrashishere:ALittleTrashIsHere 2 0 Art trade Drawsis by SnowySeal Art trade Drawsis :iconsnowyseal:SnowySeal 25 5 COMM : Andermarek107 by D-Dyee COMM : Andermarek107 :icond-dyee:D-Dyee 216 7 FANART : Coloratura by D-Dyee FANART : Coloratura :icond-dyee:D-Dyee 396 17 Let's do this, together by hikariviny Let's do this, together :iconhikariviny:hikariviny 185 11 OC: Momo by SnowySeal OC: Momo :iconsnowyseal:SnowySeal 31 10 donut by SoxzTheWolf donut :iconsoxzthewolf:SoxzTheWolf 618 27 Vernid OTA by LiLaiRa Vernid OTA :iconlilaira:LiLaiRa 765 32 SugarMac by TheRoyalArtOfNA SugarMac :icontheroyalartofna:TheRoyalArtOfNA 108 8 (SPOILERS) Always here for you by hikariviny (SPOILERS) Always here for you :iconhikariviny:hikariviny 899 99 Art Trade Cotton-Candy99 by SnowySeal Art Trade Cotton-Candy99 :iconsnowyseal:SnowySeal 29 3


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi!!! Well , my Name's is Bruna Hariel , but you can call me Pizza if you want , i just have 13 years old (Yeah i a little bit younger) i live in Brazil in state of Pará. I love to draw characters from series , tv shows and ocs. My main characters are Belinda and Clara. Well , i think this it all.
Thanks forr the attention .


Belinda ref sheet by Pizzaatv
So , theres Belinda ref sheet.
Key words:
S=short fur
L=Long fur
Full name ; Belinda Ariele Nickson
gender: Female
species : Fox and wolf hybrid
blood color : Regular red
Type of blood : A+
apparence: A tall black and gray wolf with a cute fox tail.
Personality: She's "perfect" , but she had some flaws , Belinda is an angel in classmate , but she can be nervous esier tah others. Creative , had many ideas in the same time. Can't lie , HATE loud peoples prefer the silence read a good book or simply draw something.
Color kittys adoptables CLOSED [4/4]
Base by : Ariamisu
Its free!
First come , first server.
Have fun.

1.Pink kitty : owner…
2.Blue Kitty : owner
3.Purple kitty : owner
4.Bronw and pink kitty : owner.…
Closed species adoptable: Pink lemmonade Giraffe.
More About the Glassraffe
Its a closed species created by me.Each one is 25 points.
Glassraffes can be any drink you can imagine , they skin are made by glass and its possible to see their drink.The females have long neck , small tail , and big ears, the males have small necks , and big tails.
They love sugar and sweet foods and candys , normally they're cute and passive but some glassraffes are agressive.( I Ill write more about them in a journal)
-25 points.
-First come , first server.
-Send the points first.
-have fun!
Snowy Seal Contest: Entry2
so this is the final entry, i just think was got too much bright '-'
Bem , esse é o meu último desenho , só achei que ficou muito brilhoso '-'
---------------------História com a titia Belly----------------------------------
Em Uma Vila distante, havia rumores de uma fruta mágica que dava poderes especiais para quem a consumisse. Eram muitos os aventureiros que tentavam encontra-lá , porém sem exito.
Até que um jovem cottemony decidiu embarcar nessa jornada, em uma pequena bolsa colocou tudo o que precisava , mapa, bússola , maria-mole e água.
Para chegar a essa tal fruta ele teria que passar por TODOS literalmente TODOS os maiores medos dos cottemonys , grandes oceanos , escalar montanhas muito altas, passar por um cafezal e um canteiro de batatas.
Não foi nada fácil mas ele conseguiu ,(exceto quando ele tava passando pelo canteiro de batatas, quis dá meia volta e voltar pra casa). Essa viagens durou meses. Quando ele chegou a tal fruta era magnifica, não conseguia para de olhar para ela.Havia anoitecido , ele se sentou ao lado da árvore mágica , pegou delicadamente uma fruta , e comeu.
Ele não estava se sentido bem ,uma febre muito forte começou , cada vez , mais e mais, até que suas penas ardessem tanto que parecia fogo.A dor foi tanta que ele desmaiou, quando acordou não se reconhecia.
Ele , após tudo isso percebeu que a fruta tinha lhe dado o poder de sumonar fogo , ele não querendo machucar ninguém com esse poder, decidiu meditar e controlar esse poder para fazer o bem , e depois tostou as marias-mole e comeu.
entry1 here :…
Adoptable Cotton Candy Sheep (Closed)
-First come,first server
-After adopt you can do whatever you want with her.
-It's free!
-Have fun !
owner : Charm0311
Adoptable: River beach(Closed)
This lilltle horse was inspired by the river's beachs.
price 10 Points ( it works?)
base :…
First come , first server
Before send the points wait for me repy your coment after adopt, have fun!
owner :
YESSS!!!! I Can't wait for the summer vocations , more free time to draw , travels to the beach and much more fun!:D (Big Grin) 
So i will take a break of Da for a bit , i think ... 14 days? . Well y'know , School's Games , in July i ill be back , and athink i ill do some things.
1-Tropicals adoptables, free and points.
2-Nature draws.
3- Belinda's reef
4-Meet the artist.
5-and Had much fun with this things!
seeya later folks!!Bye 
Adoptable: White wolf( CLOSED )
So, i made this one just for fun and i think he nedds a good home :)
1-Its free!
2-After adopt him , you can change the gender,species , give a backstory etc.
3-First come first server.
i gave a name for him you can change if you want :)
name : Aquiles.
owner :
The beautiful lady
so, this is a redraw of a draw i did on December.
and i create a history for her .
History Time with Aunty Belly.
A Long Time ago , was a famous actress named Lyra. She did one of the most classic films , "The Ophera".Well , one day a sheepdog named Boris , had her heart. Boris did't like fame at all , he's a simple and kindness dog who's just wants a true love. Him wish come true in June 9 of 1952 , when Lyra and Boris meet each other. They start dating , and wast time talking about flowers , houses ,and drinking coffee . The years passed , exactly in September 25 of 1959 , they got married . Everything its fine, but one little thing, one day when Lyra is out. Boris was knock down by a car. When Lyra knew , was too late. Her tears dropped on Borris , her carrefully kiss him fronhead and say."You ill be okay.. i promise..."
Borris didn't survive,  every day Lyra put one rose in his grave saying" Sorry , for break my promise sweetheart."
She loved again , but any love was to strong than her and Boris.
srry for my bad english i'm brazilian :3
Old Cartoons Style
Well, i really like the design of the game Bendy and The Ink Machine, and for this reason i try to make this.
( I'm really proud of this :3 )
Bad Joke:mini comic
this always happen to me.
sorry for the bad english.
p.s Is my first comic (i know its bad) suggestions will be welcome thanks for the attention
Crush The Crush by Pizzaa Tv~
Welp , i thinking about him for a long time , in my head is a metaphor , 'cause when you are falling in love with someone, this someone will be your crush. But we never know if the relationship will last forever... If don't, you still felling love , but with other peoples , your family , friends and who knows another "crush".
Pizzas Headshot
Well, this is my main chacter(fursona) , i ill make a bio for her later...guys sorry again i don't have time to finish i hope you all understand
"What happens if a pizza drow in sea? Don't worry its a SEA FRUIT pizza!."
Name : Belinda
Nicknames : Belly , Pizza , Edgy Queen.
Species : Wolf
age : 14
Birthday : September 30
Apparence : She's more tall than other wolfs but she never care about that. Her fur is dark gray with gray. Yellow eyes , a scar in the right eye. red Hairlights.
personality: shy(w/others),smart,lazy, explosive ,careless , happy , cry easy
like : Study , draw , sing , write , chocolate pizza , listen music , internet , make pizzas puns and some horror movies.
dislikes : funk , sports , run , wake up at 3 in the morning , rude peoples , mary sues .
powers(?): Well she don't have powers yet , but she's a medium, she can listen to the spirits.
relationships : She and her parents are good friends they are talking every time.And she have few friends.
backstory:Well , she born after the saddest moment in her mother's life, the death of her grandfather. He died cause a terrible cancer. And exactly 25 days  after her grandfather dead , she born prematurely. Years later when she was 3 her parents are very busy , but one thing happen, Mother's Day , May 2009 she are waiting her mother but can't see her. When she was 8 her parents change it all they promisse never let her alone again. The promesse still strong and they live happy.
funny facts :
-when she's sleep , you can talk to her , but in the next day she forgot what happended.
- Her biggest dream is fly, when she finally dream with that , something wake her up.
-Belly like to make her parents laugh everytime.
Clara The Deer
Well idk if i keep her...
Name : Clara.
species : deer.
gender : Female.
age : around 17.
sexuality : she never talk about that , her sexuality is a mystery.
personality : quiet , selfish(sometimes) , smart ,ambitious , foucused , possesive and unlucky.
Birthday : June 5.
likes : The big cities , pop music , shopping , high tech things , vegetables and fruits, dating sites .
deslikes :Nature , florests , very expensive things , farms and wild animals.
Apparence :brown and light brown fur, and white freckles across the back, face, ears, tail and legs ,with vibrant green eyes.
Backstory: She borns in florest. When shes is a kid she was a friend named Bia(Bias is a wolf) one day Clara discovered the truth about her friend. Bia is a predator and eats animals like deers , rabbits. she run away scared this was made her hate predators and the florest but she can't just leave it. When she haves 15 , walking search for something to do , she founds a city named Neva Lorque(its like New York version in my mind) her eyes shine cause all are new for her. She love it , one week later she moved to the "new place" she make new friends and study on a private school , she works on shopping store today .
Wolf in Sheep's Chothing
Well, i play animal jam for long time. After the new adventure comes. i decide to made a fanart i hope all of u like
sorry for the bad english.
Bem, i jogo animal jam por um longo tempo. Depois da nova aventura chegar decidi fazer uma fanart, espero que todos gostem.
credits: the art belong to me ( PizzaaTv )
animal jam belong to :Smart Bomb Interactive , natgeographic
YESSS!!!! I Can't wait for the summer vocations , more free time to draw , travels to the beach and much more fun!:D (Big Grin) 
So i will take a break of Da for a bit , i think ... 14 days? . Well y'know , School's Games , in July i ill be back , and athink i ill do some things.
1-Tropicals adoptables, free and points.
2-Nature draws.
3- Belinda's reef
4-Meet the artist.
5-and Had much fun with this things!
seeya later folks!!Bye 


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